Herrs give back to CureSearch for Children’s Cancer


A sibling rivalry can range from athletics to academics to extra-curriculars, but Zach and Erica Herr have teamed up to raise money for two local girls with leukemia and put the idea of a rivalry aside. They are involved in AJGA’s Leadership Links and have chosen the CureSearch for Children’s Cancer as their charity. Giving back through the game they love has simply become a part of their lives.

“It feels amazing,” Zach said. “The game of golf has given us so much it only feels right to give back to the community and people less fortunate.”

The two are no strangers to working together to raise money for cancer. When their mom was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2008, the brother sister duo conducted two fundraising golf tournaments and raised $85,000 for the Fox Chase Cancer Center.

Four years later the two are at it again. This time around Zach and Erica are using their experience to help out two young girls from their school, Council Rock North. After learning about Chrissy Medici and Dana Demsko at their local Bible Study, Zach and Erica knew they had to take action.

“When we found out about Chrissy and Dana we knew we wanted to partner with the CureSearch for Children’s Cancer and the AJGA’s Leadership Links,” Erica said. “We had previous experience with raising money for our mom and wanted to see if we could raise even more money for the girls.”

And if they work together they will be able to reach their goal of $15,000 this year.

“When we previously raised money for our mother we teamed up and once again decided that instead of competing we would do a much better job working together,” Erica said. “It’s great because we give each other ideas and bounce them off one other. We came up with an idea for selling bracelets and we were able to sell them on our different lunch periods.”             

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Fighting the battle with leukemia at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia every day, Chrissy and Dana get monthly visits from the Herr’s.

“It is awesome to be able to think about the community rallying around two individuals to help beat a cause not only for them, but for those with leukemia and cancer in years to come,” Zach said.

To learn more about Zach and Erica’s story or to make a donation visit their Leadership Links website. Also visit the Leadership Links website to read more about the program and how to get involved.