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How ICL Academy is changing the game

Hear from ICL Academy students on their online school journey
Jackson Stewart- 2023 AJGA Colorado Junior  (120).JPG

ICL Academy an innovative, fully accredited Online Private School for grades 5-12. ICL tailors their academic offering to students' passions through its award-winning Impact Learning Model. They are built on 20 years of character & service leadership from the Institute for Civic Leadership (ICL) non-profit in a mission to re-imagine online private education. ICL Academy has changed the way students are able to balance learning and their passion for sports.

Hear how ICL Academy has made an impact on these students:

Jackson Stewart - Class of 2025

"Being a part of the ICL community has benefited my golf game and academics by giving me the time I need to work on my game, while being able to focus on my school work in the evenings. ICL has helped me by giving me flexibility for my busy golf tournament schedule, and the teachers are always willing to work with me when needed. I am very excited that ICL is partnering with AJGA because a big part of my future depends on these organizations. If it wasn't for ICL and all of the additional practice time it created for me this year, I would not have had the success I recently had in my first AJGA event in Colorado!"

Garrett Exelbert - Class of 2024

"Since joining ICL, I've been able to take critical steps forward in pursuing both my academic goals and golf dreams. I can practice and play more on the course, which helps me get better at the game. It also enables me to work out in the gym each day to increase my fitness. ICL Academy has so many advantages that are so beneficial for their students. For my family and I, this has created the best opportunity for me to take my studies and golf game to the next level!"

Vesa Gjinaj - Class of 2023

“My favorite thing about ICL Academy is how it seamlessly allows me to balance my passion for tennis and my academic studies. It provides an excellent educational environment where I can pursue my athletic dreams while receiving a quality education without compromising either aspect.”

Michael Antonius - Class of 2028

“My favorite thing about ICL is how flexible it is! I am able to get a great education while pursuing my passion for tennis. I am able to adjust my workload around my tournaments and travel, which is very helpful!”

ICL Academy provides AJGA members with unique scholarship offerings, along with an exclusive 10% tuition discount. ICL Academy is hosting a Virtual Open House on Wednesday, August 9th at 7 p.m. EST. This engaging event will provide you with a unique opportunity to learn more about ICL Academy's innovative academic model, scholarship opportunities, and the remarkable champion mentors that shape our students' academic journeys.

To sign-up for the open house, click here . Or if you are interested in speaking directly with the team at ICL Academy, please reach out to their partnership team at  .