Inaugural Tournament Brings Andover Golf & Country Club to AJGA Tournament Schedule

Subaru to sponsor the event June 28-July 1, 2004, in Lexington, Ky.

The Bluegrass state will host three AJGA events in 2004 with the addition of the Subaru Open at Andover to be held June 28-July 1. The Lexington, Ky., tournament at Andover Golf & Country Club will feature some of the top junior players from around the country, ages 12-18.

“Andover Golf & Country Club will give the juniors a challenge,” said Tournament Director Andrew Greenfield. “The course is completely developed and will make accuracy the key to winning this tournament.”

Clyde Johnston designed the course in 1990 with a residential theme in mind. The course maneuvers through homes, well-developed trees and tight fairways, which will make it essential to keep the ball clear of trouble.

“If juniors get too aggressive with the ball, they will get into a position where it will be tough to get up and down,” said Head Professional of Andover Golf & Country Club Gary Bebelaar. “The key is patience, patience, patience.”

The defining point of the course is the challenging Nos. 12 and 16 holes. The two par-4s force the player to either lay up or hit over water. The 16th green sits out in the middle of the water.

“Players should not overpower these two holes, but should make good strategic decisions,” Bebelaar said.

Featuring a 99-player field, the inaugural event is the first for the Lexington, Ky., area—home to the University of Kentucky. The event is a great opportunity for juniors to be seen by college coaches, and Bebelaar said juniors will be delighted with the facilities they have to offer.

Tournament title sponsor, Subaru, is the exclusive United States marketer of Subaru products manufactured by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. of Japan. This event marks the first time Subaru has sponsored an AJGA event and is a great addition to AJGA’s list of supporters.

“The AJGA is proud to have Subaru sponsor the 2004 Subaru Open at Andover,” said AJGA Executive Vice President of Development Jason Etzen. “Subaru’s enthusiasm and support for this event have given the nation’s top juniors the opportunity to showcase their talents at a wonderful golf course.”

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