Meet the 2018 Player Representatives


Rachel Kuehn of Asheville, North Carolina, and William Mouw of Chino, California, were appointed Player Representatives to the AJGA's Board of Directors at the 2018 General Membership Meeting at PGA National Resort & Spa.

We learned a little more about the high school juniors beyond the golf course. For some background information, both Kuehn and Mouw are Rolex Junior All-Americans, speak fluent Spanish and believe they can beat the other in ping pong. 

  • Favorite hobby outside of golf?
    • Rachel: Tennis.
    • William: Basketball.
  • Favorite Food?
    • R: Pizza, that was easy.
    • W: Steak.
  • Favorite Dessert?
    • R: Ice Cream Sundae - also Apple Pie.
    • W: Ice Cream, but if we are sticking with Pies, then Strawberry.
  • Favorite Musical Artist?
    • R: Thomas Rhett.
    • W: Bruno Mars.
  • Favorite Movie?
    • R: Remember the Titans - I know it's everyone's favorite movie, but still.
    • W: Either Risen or The Greatest Game Ever Played.
  • Favorite TV Show?
    • R: The Office.
    • W: Inside the PGA TOUR.
  • Favorite Golf Memory?
    • R: I was four, my grandfather was teaching me how to play golf and I would hit them into the woods, but then we’d go and try to find them.
    • W: I played golf at midnight with glow balls on Masters Sunday (that night).
  • Favorite Color?
    • R: Yellow.
    • W: Blue.
  • Favorite AJGA Tournament?
    • R: Rolex TOC and the Billy Horschel event.
    • W: The Junior Presidents Cup and The Junior PLAYERS Championship presented by TaylorMade-adidas Golf.
  • One Word to Describe Your Golf Game?
    • R: Consistent.
    • W: Exciting, or Long.
  • One Word to Describe Your Ping Pong Game?
    • R: I don't know..Tennis-player-like? Experienced.
    • W: Stealthy.
  • Interesting Fact?
    • R: Pitbull is my neighbor at a house we have in the Dominican Republic, where my mom is from.
    • W: My family farms chickens, about 30,000 of them. I gather a lot of eggs.