Operation Hydration: handling high temperatures


Extended exposure to high temperatures is a common challenge  to the game of golf. This is especially true of competitive golf, when golfers  have little or no control over the days and times they will be on the course.  When some common tactics against hot weather (such as golf carts and  early-morning tee times) are not options, proper hydration and nutrition become  more important than ever.

The AJGA’s Operation Hydration program is here to help,  providing golfers with bottled water, fruit, CLIF Bars and iced McArthur  Towels at all tournaments. “Hydration Stations” will also be on the course at  each event to provide shade and water, in addition to medical attendants. See  additional information about the program here

Beyond simply providing product and support during AJGA  events, the goal of Operation Hydration is to help junior golfers understand  the importance of proper hydration habits and how to manage those habits on  their own. Hydration is no less important during non-competitive play, when  coolers, tents and staff are not stationed around the course.

In this video, Titleist Performance Institute co-founder Dr.  Greg Rose provides tips to help golfers replenish their electrolytes in high  temperatures. Taking tips like Dr. Rose’s and making them into a habit in  extreme temperatures will lead to a healthier body and golf game.