Operation Hydration: snacking on the course


The AJGA continues to implement Operation Hydration throughout this hot summer, and juniors are reaping the benefits. AJGA golfers such as Connor Smith of Birmingham, Ala., are finding that the AJGA’s commitment to hydration is boosting their game as well as their health.

“With the heat, Operation Hydration helped a lot,” Smith said at the E-Z-GO Vaughn Taylor Championship presented by TaylorMade-adidas Golf. “I didn't really get hot today at all because I was staying really hydrated since there was water on every hole. I was able to concentrate on my golf today instead of the heat.”

Despite the name, keeping juniors hydrated is just one aspect of Operation Hydration. The overall goal is to keep juniors healthy and energized on the golf course. Hydration is a major factor, but eating well is also important—not just before and after play, but during play as well.

In the video below, Dr. John Berardi of the Titleist Performance Institute provides tips for snacking on the golf course. Snacking throughout a round can keep you feeling fresh in the later holes, but it is key that you snack on the right foods.