Performance Based Entry changes in 2012


As AJGA members transition from the 2011 to the 2012 season, a change will be seen in Performance Based Entry status. The change does not affect a player’s actual earnings – only the way those earnings are displayed.  In an effort to streamline the PBE system and simplify the application process, an AJGA member’s PBE status will consist entirely of Performance Stars. 

Tournament Exemptions earned in the 2011 season will be worth four Performance Stars for both girls and boys.

Membership stars for 2012 will be awarded as follows:

2012 grads – 2 Performance Stars
2013 grads – 3 Performance Stars
2014 grads – 2 Performance Stars
2015 grads and younger – 1 Performance Star

For more information on PBE changes for 2012, visit the Player Center. Once you are logged in to the Player Center, go to the Resource Center and click on Player Services Educational Series to find the PBE changes presentation.