Q & A with Jordan Frye and Jordan Frye!

Jordan Frye may not be the most common name in the world, but in the AJGA, there are two: the junior golfer from Colleyville, Texas, and the staff member in human resources. So, in this edition of Q&A, we spoke to each of them to learn how they met and find out who is the better golfer and who can name more golfers in 20 seconds. It also seems possible that if they didn’t meet on the golf course, they might have met at a concert. Read on.

How old are you?
JF (Junior): 17
JF (Staffer): 25

Where were you born?
JF (Junior): Wichita, Kansas
JF (Staffer): Atlanta, Ga.

How many rounds of golf have you played this year?
JF (Junior): 112
JF (Staffer): 0

What is your handicap?
JF (Junior): +2
JF (Staffer): To have a handicap you have to play golf.

In the next 20 seconds, name as many of the best golfers in the world you can. Ready, set, Go!
JF (Junior): Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson, Fred Couples, Steve Stricker, Ernie Els, Mike Weir
JF (Staffer): Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Jim Furyk, Vijay Singh, In-Bee Park, Morgan Pressel, Annika Sorenstam, Adam Scott

When and where did you meet the other Jordan Frye?
JF (Junior): In Mexico at the Junior All-Star event in Monterrey.
JF (Staffer): At the Junior All-Star in Mexico in 2006.

Can you describe what it was like meeting the other Jordan Frye for the first time?
JF (Junior):When I first saw the program for the tournament I thought that they had made a mistake because I saw my name on the tournament program (under staff list).
JF (Staffer):“OMG, we have the same name.” I couldn’t believe someone else had the same name.

Do you know how your parents came up with your name?
JF (Junior): They just liked the sound of it.
JF (Staffer): Well, my last name is from my Dad and I think my first name came from a movie.

What is the last movie you saw in the theater?
JF (Junior):Hancock
JF (Staffer): The new Indiana Jones movie

Name 2 musical artists you have seen or would most like to see live in concert.
JF (Junior): Brad Paisley and Kenny Chesney
JF (Staffer): Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw. And I’m going to see Kenny on Sunday.

I did a search for Jordan Frye. How many names do you think turned up? (The correct answer is seven.)
JF (Junior): 32 ½
JF (Staffer):45

What advice can you give to your fellow Jordan Frye?
JF (Junior): Work hard and have fun.
JF (Staffer): Most importantly, be happy with what you do. Laugh a lot and have faith. Surround yourself with good people.