Q & A with...Matt Hageman!

Most of the kids playing with the AJGA want to move on to professional golf. If you aren’t able to do that, what would your ideal job be?

M: I would probably want to be a golf coach or a head professional. I really want to stay in golf.

We’re going to build you a lunch. Tell me which you want. Pepsi or Coke? Ham or Turkey? Mayo or Mustard?

M: Pepsi. Turkey. And neither. I don’t like either of those things.

Who is your favorite actor/actress and why?

M: Denzel Washington. He just seems like he’d be a pretty cool guy and someone I’d want to meet.

What is your favorite club in your golf bag?

M: Probably my driver. When you’re hitting it well you can really tear apart a golf course.

Tell me a song you love to listen to but don’t want your friends to know about.

M: Has to be that Miley Cyrus song that’s all over the radio. I don’t remember the name.

If you could play 18 holes with anyone and at any course, who would it be and where?

M: I would play with Michael Jordan at Medinah No. 3.

What’s your favorite animal?

M: Dogs. Golden Retrievers. We have one and I actually have a golden retriever headcover on my driver. It’s pretty old. I’d say it’s been there around eight years.

What’s the one sporting event you can’t miss during the year?

M: Any Newman Central Catholic Girls Varsity Basketball Game. My girlfriend is on the team.