Q & A with...Sean Martin!?

This week, has decided to mix it up. Aside from the faces of all your fellow competitiors, you often see the faces of Golfweek while you are playing at many AJGA events. We decided to get to know Golfweek Assistant Editor Sean Martin to find out some of his favorite reasons for covering AJGA events!

How did you come about becoming an assistant editor at Golfweek?

S: I was a journalism major at Cal Poly (in San Luis Obispo, Calif.) and worked at two newspapers before moving to Orlando to work at Golfweek.

What is your golf background? Could you ever compete with an AJGA junior?

S: My high school team at Oak Park High School (where Alex and Danielle Kang go to school) was pretty good. We had two other players play Division I golf. I played for a year at Cal Poly before I realized I should probably start working instead. I could beat Peter Uihlein...if he played left-handed.

What is your favorite part of your job?

S: Being at events.

Any memorable moments covering junior golf so far?

S: Morgan Hoffmann's victories at the past two invitationals were pretty impressive. I also enjoyed covering Philip Francis' victory at the 2006 U.S. Junior. The first shot I saw him hit in the final match, he holed out a gap wedge on the ninth hole. Then as the match was winding down, he hit the flagstick with a 6-iron and made birdie.

Who takes pride in their hair-do more, Asher Wildman (GolfweekTV) or Ray McCarthy (

S: It would have to be the Wildman, only because that is a one-of-a-kind 'do. Money can't buy that shade of hair.

What is one section or column of Golfweek that you think is a must-read each week?

S: I think everyone loves the Forecaddie. That's where you get your real inside information. But of course, I love every page.

What's your favorite part of covering an AJGA event?

S: Free food and the friendly faces of the AJGA staff.

Any good stunts planned for GolfweekTV at junior events this year?

S: That's top secret, but it's going to be pretty hard to top 2007 - the Bay Hill putting contest (with a Mu Hu cameo), No. 17 at TPC Sawgrass and the Rock, Paper, Scissors contest.

What are some things that make a junior's story newsworthy to you?

S: It's hard to make it into an AJGA event if you're not spending most of your free time on the golf course. But I always like to hear about what they do away from the course as well.