Race to #AJGA2K


On March 26, four AJGA champions will be crowned.

The Race to #AJGA2K celebrates a different kind of history.

The ANA Junior InspirationAmino VITAL® / Joey D Golf Preview at Osprey PointAJGA Preview at Cimarron Hills and AJGA Preview at Fair Oaks Ranch (Ages 12-15) will battle on social media to determine which event will be named the AJGA’s 2,000th event in history. Posts leading into the weekend will also celebrate the 2nd, 20th and 200th events since the AJGA's inception in 1978.

Follow hashtag #AJGA2K where newly-minted intern teams and a host of AJGA full-time staff will recruit help from parents, juniors, volunteers and anyone on-site to help shape the historical weekend on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. @AJGAGolf will re-post the best content and announce the winning event on Monday, March 27.

To participate, read on:


The Rules 

Tag photo / video content below with #AJGA2K on Twitter and Instagram with your event hashtag: 

         #PreAminoVital   #PreCimarronHills   #PreFairOaks   #ANAJrInspiration

Snaps can be sent to AJGAGolf and should clearly identify the event in some way, as well as use the #AJGA2K hashtag. The best content will be re-posted to @AJGAGolf accounts.

Find the best content in some or all of these categories: 

Best of category
Use of any AJGA sponsor Someone born in the year 2000
Best TaylorMade golf ball design or adidas outfit Someone who traveled 2,000 miles to your event
Interesting thing in your PING golf bag Someone who was involved in the AJGA in 2000
Thank you to sponsor, course or AJGA 200 of something
Someone special to the event: staff, college coach,
volunteer, course staff, sponsor, parent
Something 200 years old
Local landmark Someone on-site who is 20 years old
Celebration photo A group photo with 20 people
Selfie (selfie or photo of selfie being taken) Selfie of 2 people with the same birthday
Giving back Someone with 2 holes-in-one
Wildlife Twins (or 2 siblings)
Action photo  


The Scoring

The winning event will be named on social media on Monday, March 27 based on points from three categories:

1. Quality content

Bonus points for events with at least 10 posts total, and for posts representing every category above at one event. 

2. Best overall content in each category

3. Most contributors at an event

Bonuses for all interns / staff on-site participating, and for events with more than 10 quality posts from juniors.


All content must be posted from Wednesday, March 22 at 8 a.m. to Sunday, March 26 at 11 p.m. ET. Prizes will be awarded to the winning intern team, FT staff and juniors for the best overall content.

Send questions to