Setting the Pace: AJGA Pace of Play Series


In March 2012, the AJGA will be initiating an educational series  consisting of pieces that aim to inform players and parents about our AJGA Pace  of Play program. The educational series will address our policies implemented  in 2011, new initiatives for 2012 and many comments and concerns voiced by our  membership.

Since 2003, when the AJGA instituted its POP policy, the association  has been on the cutting edge of the pace of play problem. The AJGA was one of  the first organizations to utilize timing stations and was highly criticized  for doing so. Today, numerous pace of play programs from other golf  organizations use timing stations. While it is in the spirit of the game to  honor tradition and history, the major issues of slow play remain. The AJGA has  set a precedent in addressing this problem and has become an innovator in the  golf industry.

Topics for the 2012 AJGA Pace of Play campaign include:

  • A player’s feeling of being rushed while playing 
  • A slow player in the group 
  • Why a rules official is following the group 
  • Understanding undue delay 
  • How to play ready golf 
  • The first red card is just a warning 
  • Walking with a purpose does not mean running 
  • And many more…


Setting the Pace:
The AJGA Pace of Play Policy

AJGA Time Par
The Basics
Tips to stay Green
Warning! I just recieved a red card.
I haven't seen the group behind me
How to play on red card
Why is this rules official following my group?
Walk with a purpose
Why should I walk ahead?
Play ready, be ready
Rarity of the Double Red
Undue Delay
Importance of Pace of Play
The survey says...