Setting the Pace: Walk with a purpose

One of the predominant reasons for a group’s slow play is the pace at which the players walk from one shot to the next. While golf is a social game and can often be a time to catch up with friends, during competition is not the time. A group’s pace on the course between shots will control its position. In AJGA competitions players are asked to walk with a purpose between shots.
This phrase does not mean to run between shots or rush their routine once they reach their ball, but to move from one shot to the next without distraction. Players should have their heads up and walk with direction from one shot to the next. This will enable the group to stay in position and the players to never feel rushed when their 45 seconds to play a shot begins. Walking with a purpose will also help players find a rhythm on the course and allow for a more enjoyable and quicker round.
The AJGA is asking players to avoid walking slowly while talking to fellow-competitors and/or spectators and dragging their feet or spacing out between shots. If players pay attention to their surroundings and walk with a purpose from one shot to the next, they will always be able to stay with the group in front of them.

Setting the Pace:
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