The Cliffs Communities Helps Improve Life Around the AJGA

It’s now the beginning of February. The well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions are as long gone as 80’s leg warmers. That is unless you are a member of the AJGA staff. With thanks to new tournament sponsor, The Cliffs, the AJGA recently kicked off The Cliffs 16-Week Fitness Challenge!

The Cliffs Communities are a first-year sponsor of the AJGA. They will sponsor and host the AJGA Cliffs Championship at The Cliffs at Keowee Falls, April 25-27. The Cliffs Communities consist of eight premier, master planned communities and are located in the Carolina Preserve™ at the southernmost edge of The Blue Ridge Mountains between Asheville, N.C., and Greenville, S.C. Collectively, The Cliffs Communities span 20,000 acres amid over hundreds of thousands of acres of protected forests. Their commitment to health and wellness are evidenced in their support of the AJGA’s Wellness Program.

"I am very excited about the AJGA staff's enthusiasm for wellness," said Tim Wiles, director of associate wellness for The Cliffs Communities. "I am confident that their passion for fitness and healthy nutrition will help them to live and work to the fullest."

While not required, the entire staff decided to get involved and started making healthy choices. Staff members were broken up into teams of ten. Team captains and administrators were appointed to keep teams on task.

One of the five elements staff members are required to reach each day is to either work out for 20 minutes or to walk 10,000 steps. The Cliffs generously donated a pedometer for each staff member in order to reach their fitness goals.

“Ten-thousand steps is a lot harder than it sounds,” noted Rob Jansen, vice president of player services. “I got home one night and had to keep walking circles around the house to make sure my 10,000 steps were done.”

Others have found that working out isn’t as bad as it sounds.

“I started running around my neighborhood for about 25 minutes at night,” said Chief Communications Officer Rob Coleman. “My oldest daughter started joining me. And then one of her friends came too! Now we have a nice little group going out each night.”

The Wellness Program put in place by the AJGA is based off a model The Cliffs already had in place. In addition to working out, participants must also eat two servings of fruits and vegetables, drink 48 ounces of water and sleep seven hours at night.

Many complained of caffeine-withdrawal headaches the first week due to cutting back on soda. Others noticed an increase in the lines for the restrooms. These drawbacks are slight and show that good nutrition and better lifestyles are on the rise.

“I started realizing what a difference eating better makes,” said Jordan Frye, manager of recruiting and special events. “The water was pretty difficult at first, but it certainly has helped me curb my soda drinking.”

More proof that healthy lifestyles work is the Weight Challenge portion of the Wellness Program. Each staff member was weighed and given a new goal weight (set by a personal trainer). Some people set out to lose a few pounds, while others chose to put on some weight.

Team standings will be updated each week and everyone is excited to see the first standings. But thanks to The Cliffs, no matter who ends up atop the board May 4, everyone will come out a winner!