The Friday Five: AJGA things to know for February 26

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As the first Virtual Intern Recruiting Weekend in history winds down to a close, we asked five of our new hires what they got out of the #AJGAInternship:

Thomas Harrison internship cart 2020
Thomas Harrison cannon-balled into Lake Michigan from both the eastern and western shores during his summer on Team 5.

1. Thomas Harrison
Intern Year: Summer 2020
Intern Position: Operations
Current Job: Tournament Coordinator

I learned that you can find a way to overcome any challenging situation, Red Bull is the nectar of the Gods, and teamwork really does make the dream work.

The internship made me feel confident that I was in the right place to develop as a professional. Whether I was going to be with the AJGA or another organization, I knew I was in a position to start my career and have success.
Thomas Harrison
Libby Burroughs  2020 internship TaylorMade golf balls
Libby Burroughs worked at an AJGA 2020 summer event where it snowed.

2. Libby Burroughs
Intern Years: Summer 2019 & Summer 2020
Intern Position: Traveling Communications & Tournament Assistant
Current Job: Tournament Coordinator

I learned how to adapt to different and changing situations, work with various types of people, and found a new love of coffee.

The responsibility we were given demonstrated how much the AJGA trusted us as interns. I felt like I was truly pulling my weight and making a difference. It was the extra motivation I needed on a long day to push through and give 110% because I knew I got to directly contribute to the tournament success and the AJGA mission.
Libby Burroughs
Hampton Clark nature 2020 internship
Hampton Clark was one of four interns to go the distance for the #AJGAInternship, working 17 events.

3. Hampton Clark
Intern Year: Summer 2020
Intern Position: Traveling Communications
Current Position: Communications Coordinator

As a communications intern, I learned a lot of the little things that go into content creation that can make a post go from good to great.

I love having jobs where if I mess up and don't do something right then the company actually is affected by it. That just pushes me that much more to make sure everything is the way it is supposed to be. That responsibility would've taken me far even if I didn't stay with the AJGA.
Hampton Clark
Sydney Della-Flora 2020 internship cactus
Sydney Della-Flora traveled to 15 states during her summer internship and worked in Player Services during the spring.

4. Sydney Della-Flora
Intern Year: Spring & Fall 2020
Intern Position: Player Services & Operations
Current Position: Tournament Coordinator

I would say teamwork is the biggest skill I learned while on the road. Nothing can be done without everyone on your team working and problem solving together. Also, organization was important since you are straight up living out of a suitcase and going to a new state every week!

I love how much responsibility the AJGA puts on their interns. It was awesome to work for a company that truly values and trusts their entire staff. It was really rewarding knowing we were the face of the organization, and that we were directly impacting the future careers of these junior golfers, on and off the course.
Sydney Della-Flora
Grayson Harbin AJGA internship 2020
Grayson Harbin celebrated his birthday by rules officiating during the internship.

5. Grayson Harbin
Intern Year: Summer 2020
Intern Position: Operations
Current Position: Tournament Coordinator

Coffee was definitely key. A day in the life of an intern is very fast-paced, so I quickly learned how to multitask and be comfortable making decisions on the go in timely situations.

Getting to directly contribute to the AJGA mission and have an immediate impact on each tournament's success was inspiring and offered a sense of pride and accountability.
Grayson Harbin