Thirteen out of 132 players in AJGA Junior at Oak Tree are Edmond natives


By: Stepper Toth

The AJGA Junior at Oak Tree returns to Oak Tree Country Club for the first time since 2008. Thirteen out of 132 players in this tournament field are from Edmond, Oklahoma, and they are excited to have their event in their hometown. “I think it’ll be exciting because the last time they had it here was 2008,” says Edmond native Colter Baca. “It’ll be good to have the home course advantage and sleep in my own bed every night.”

“Hopefully it’ll bring some more national players to our fields because we just have the [Oklahoma Junior Golf Tour] here, so that’ll be nice to play against some of the nations best in your own back yard. At the same time, it’ll let the kids around here get the AJGA experience that normally wouldn’t,” says Baca.

Connor Wilson, also an Edmond native, says, “It really means a lot to have a tournament here because it’s close and it’s a big tournament. If you do well, it could really help you out with your golf career.” The juniors said their favorite part of having an AJGA tournament in their hometown was the ability to just drive down the street and sleep in their own beds.

Regardless of how well they play, the hometown players are excited to have an AJGA tournament in Edmond, Oklahoma.