Three Things for Tuesday at the 2016 #StacyLewisInv


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By Miranda Cobb, AJGA Communications

The first round of the KPMG Stacy Lewis Junior All-Star Invitational begins Tuesday at Blessings Golf Club in Johnson, Arkansas. Here are Three Things to know about the first round.

Boys vs. Girls

Making its second appearance, the KPMG Stacy Lewis Junior All-Star Invitational will feature mixed pairings. LPGA Tour champion, Stacy Lewis, pitched the idea of a mixed playing field last year in efforts to promote the development of gender-blind competition. With the team competition setup, overall team champions will be calculated based on the top-four day-to-day boys’ and girls’ scores. On Tuesday, one boy and one girl will take to the tee in an effort to become the overall champions.

A Razorback Returns

LPGA Tour champion Stacy Lewis returns to the home of her college team, the Arkansas Razorbacks. From 11 LPGA Tour victories to being a 3-time U.S. Solheim Cup team member, Stacy has a lot of tips and tricks for the juniors. During her preparation for the Walmart NW Arkansas Championship by P&G, Stacy will visit the course to watch the juniors and take part in the awards ceremony.

Trophies & Titles

With a 50-player field, 14 AJGA Champions return in hopes to win another AJGA title. Out of the 14 players, 10 are past Junior All-Star champions. Trophies will be distributed to the top-five juniors in the Boys and Girls Division. In addition, each day four of the lowest scoring Boys and Girls Division players will recieve additional awards for the team competition.