Player Policies

Junior Code of Conduct

The AJGA takes great pride in the quality of its players, host facilities and broad community involvement at each tournament. In order to continue making the AJGA experience enjoyable and rewarding for everyone, the Association requires all members to adhere to a set of guidelines known as the Code of Conduct. Its purpose is to help AJGA participants grow and mature by understanding and accepting the consequences of their actions. The Code of Conduct is to be followed throughout the junior’s membership.

"In golf, customs of etiquette and decorum are just as important as rules governing play." - Bobby Jones


As a member of the AJGA, I promise that:

  • I will adhere to the AJGA's guidelines for promoting player safety and social distancing. I understand that the AJGA will not tolerate violations of safety guidelines by players, parents, guardians, permitted guests, or coaches, and that the AJGA may penalize and/or disqualify me if I (or the others listed above) knowingly violate such policies;
  • I will conduct myself in a manner that brings respect and honor to myself and to the AJGA at all times while participating in AJGA events;
  • I will demonstrate respect for myself, my fellow players, spectators, parents, coaches, officials, volunteers, host course staff and members, and sponsors while present on-site at AJGA events, as well as for my host family (if applicable);
  • I will abide by the Rules of Golf as recognized at all AJGA events in which I participate;
  • I will refrain from conduct that detracts from my ability, or the ability of others, to attain peak performance while competing in AJGA events;
  • I will act in a sportsmanlike manner consistent with the spirit of fair play and responsible conduct at all times while participating in AJGA events, and will refrain from unsportsmanlike conduct, including abusive language, cheating, club throwing, and any abuse of golf course property while participating in AJGA events;
  • I will demonstrate respect for the golf courses that host AJGA events, including by filling divots and fixing ball marks;
  • I will abide by the rules of the facilities that host AJGA events in which I participate, including their dress code;
  • I will neither engage in nor threaten others with any form of discriminatory behavior, nor with verbal, physical, or sexual harassment, or abuse of any kind, in any medium;
  • I will not use or associate myself with drugs, alcohol, smoking, vaping, or chewing tobacco;
  • I will not engage in any conduct that is criminal under any laws applicable to me;
  • I will not participate or assist in any gambling or betting activities associated with any AJGA golf event;
  • I will respect the property of others (whether personal or public);
  • I am aware that AJGA sponsors, suppliers, and licensees provide critical support for the AJGA, and will therefore (i) refrain from covering or concealing their brands or marketing materials on clothing or elsewhere on-site; and (ii) refrain from seeking to personally profit from their AJGA member promotions by, for example, offering merchandise for trade or sale that was gifted to me as an AJGA member, or offered to me via a discount program for AJGA members. I will further refrain from assisting others in doing any of the foregoing;
  • I will not use or authorize the use by others, for commercial purposes, of photographs, films, videos, or other images of myself participating in any AJGA event, without the prior written permission of the AJGA;
  • I will not act as a journalist, media liaison, or in any other media capacity during any AJGA event without the prior written permission of the AJGA;


Proper attire is always required at the host golf facility, including during competition, social activities, and food functions. When an AJGA event takes place at a resort, all attendees must be in golf attire to use practice facilities. Questionable attire will be reviewed by the Tournament Committee. Should a host golf course or resort have a stricter dress code, its policy will take precedence. Players in violation will not be allowed to tee off. Males are expected to always remove their hats/visors indoors. Other aspects of the AJGA dress code are not in effect for functions planned at the host hotel when they are not associated with a host golf course.

More specifically, at AJGA events:

  • Players should bring their own facemask/face covering to use when they are unable to social distance at the host facility, especially during weather delays or evacuations;
  • Hats/visors must be worn with brim forward; males must remove hat/visor while indoors;
  • Collared shirts or mock turtlenecks (host golf course permitting) must be worn and tucked-in at all times;
  • Women’s fashion shirts without a collar must have sleeves;
  • Women’s fashion shirts must not rise above the belt line at anytime during the golf swing;
  • Women’s shorts, skorts and skirts must be no more than 5” above the knee or the inseam of the shorts must measure at least 5’’.

The following are prohibited at AJGA events:

  • Tank tops, T-shirts;
  • Denim shorts, short-shorts, cut-off shorts, gym shorts, jeans, sweatpants, yoga pants, compression pants;*
  • Visible earrings (males), body piercings, tattoos.

*Compression and yoga pants may be worn at golf course if covered by shorts, skorts, or skirts.


All tournament fees must be paid prior to play. If a Players Meeting is scheduled and a player does not attend, then unless the player has made prior arrangements with the Tournament Director, the player may not receive his or her tournament gifts.


Whether a player has violated this Code of Conduct, and what penalty or penalties are appropriate, will be determined in the sole discretion of the AJGA; however, the AJGA may delegate certain decisions to the Tournament Committee. The AJGA and/or the AJGA Tournament Committee may assess any or all of the following penalties (alone or in combination) based on the severity and frequency of the violation(s):

  • One-stroke penalty for each violation;
  • Immediate disqualification from the tournament at which the violation occurs;
  • Disqualification from future event(s), including without limitation, future Invitationals and/or postseason honors;
  • Suspension of AJGA membership (including playing privileges); and/or
  • Revocation of AJGA membership.

Depending on the type and severity of the violation, one or more of the above penalties may be assessed on the spot, or at a later time, after further reflection or investigation by the AJGA. In any case, upon a violation, the relevant player and his/her parent(s) or guardian(s) will receive a written letter to explain the AJGA's final decision.


In the event the AJGA is considering a suspension or revocation of AJGA membership, both the player and his or her parent(s)/guardian(s) will be required to submit a written account of the alleged Code of Conduct violation to the AJGA Chief Operating Officer within 30 days of request by the AJGA. The AJGA Chief Operating Officer will also seek accounts from AJGA tournament staff or volunteers, and/or from host facility staff or volunteers with knowledge of the incident(s). After considering all such input, the AJGA Chief Operating Officer will then determine whether the member is to be acquitted, suspended (and if so, the duration of such suspension), or removed from AJGA membership. The member may not participate in AJGA events during such consideration period, unless permission is granted in writing by the AJGA Chief Operating Officer. Any player whose membership is under consideration for suspension or revocation will not be eligible for postseason honors.

Additionally, members should be aware that the AJGA reserves the right to penalize members under this Code of Conduct for (i) violations of this Code of Conduct by the member's parent(s), guardian(s), and/or permitted spectator(s), as applicable; (ii) violations of the Parent Code of Conduct by the member's parent(s), guardian(s), as applicable; violations of this Code of Conduct by AJGA members at non-AJGA events.

Be aware that additional rules and guidelines may be communicated by AJGA staff or other tournament correspondence.