Kyo Morishita
(Japan) Bradenton, Fla.
Graduation: 2022
Place Start Date Event Scores Total Points
T3 2021-04-29 AJGA Junior Championship presented by the Spinnaker Foundation 68-72-72 212 37.333
T3 2021-04-01 Sung Hyun Park Junior Championship 74-75-69 218 70.000
T4 2021-01-15 Sean Foley Performance Junior Championship 75-70-74 219 42.000
T13 2020-10-09 Billy Horschel Junior Championship presented by Zurich 68-75-71 5.538
Streamsong Resort will host 11 of the top 20 Rolex AJGA Ranked boys
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La Sasso, Morishita, and Greyserman share the Boys Division lead
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The AJGA is hosting their first event at Banyan Cay Resort & Golf in West Palm Beach, Florida.
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