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Wyndham Cup

Tournament Information

THE MATCH: The Wyndham Cup is an annual team match play competition featuring the 10 best male and female junior golfers from the East versus their counterparts from the West. East/West teams are based on members’ U.S. addresses. The country dividing line runs from the eastern border of Texas and extends northward through the eastern border of North Dakota. Wyndham Cup teams will be determined based upon the AJGA Rankings. Matches include four-ball, mixed-four-ball, foursomes, mixed-foursomes and singles. Scoring is based on a point system with 50 total points available over the three days of competition. One point is awarded for each match won and half a point is given to each team for matches that end in a tie. As a result, it is possible that matches may be won prior to the 18th hole. A team needs 25 ½ points to win the Wyndham Cup. Should the championship end in a tie, the team that currently holds the Cup (East Team) would retain the Wyndham Cup. The event is highlighted by the team camaraderie and spirit generated by the juniors and Team Captains.

TEAM CAPTAINS & ASSISTANTS: AJGA Chief Financial Officer Jason Miller will be the Captain, and Director of Recruiting Blair Sumner will be the Assistant Captain of the West Team. AJGA Chief Operating Officer Mark Oskarson will be the Captain, and Tournament Director Madison Scudder will be the Assistant Captain of the East Team.

COVID-19 PROTOCOL: In the interest of player safety and the goal to conduct the Wyndham Cup in the same spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie we will keep players, AJGA staff and a few select VIPs separated from everyone in order to prevent exposure. Please see the current protocol below and know that this is subject to change based on CDC recommendations.

  • We request that all players inform the AJGA if they have received the COVID-19 vaccinations and/or had COVID-19 in the 90 days prior to Wyndham Cup.
  • Players ONLY will need to arrive with proof of a negative PCR test result within 3 days prior to arrival Sunday, July 4 unless the player is fully vaccinated. Immediate family members do NOT have to show proof of a negative PCR test or vaccination.
  • Upon arrival Sunday, July 4 non-vaccinated players, will be tested. We will test again Wednesday, July 7.
  • Family members will not be tested on-site and will be required to socially distance from the players once on-site testing for players has begun.
  • Players will room with other players on their team as well as share rides with teammates to and from the course and hotel and eat together.
  • Parents and family members will have a separate area for meals at Bulls Bay Golf Club.
  • Parents and family members will have to arrange their own transportation to and from Bulls Bay Golf Club and the Cambria Hotel Mount Pleasant and Charleston International Airport. Juniors can travel with their parents from the airport to the hotel upon arrival July 4.

TRAVEL: Players should book flights into Charleston International Airport (CHS) and then confirm plans with their respective Captain. The preferred arrival date is Sunday, July 4. Players can depart Friday, July 9 after 6 p.m. As inclement weather may delay play, please make your departing flight as late as possible. The AJGA will play until dark if necessary, to complete the tournament. The tournament committee will set up a shuttle schedule that will pick up players traveling alone from Charleston International Airport (CHS). It is possible that a player may have to wait for a shuttle depending on when other players are arriving. All players will be updated with the shuttle schedule prior to arriving. If you have a conflict with your arrival or departure based on the recommendations above please advise your captain prior to booking your travel.

Once your flight has been arranged and you have notified your Captain, please fill out the corresponding information sheet (located on the tournament webpage) with travel plans so Andrew Greenfield can make shuttle/hotel arrangements accordingly.

PLAYER ACCOMMODATIONS: Players will be provided accommodations at the Cambria Hotel Mount Pleasant (1472 Highway 17 North, Mount Pleasant, SC, 29464), beginning Sunday, July 4. Team members will stay two per a room and Team Captains will make rooming assignments and notify you upon arrival. The tournament committee will pay for the cost of the rooms. Players will be responsible for any food or incidentals at the hotel.

PARENT ACCOMMODATIONS: Accommodations for family will be available at the Cambria Hotel Mount Pleasant (1472 Highway 17 North, Mount Pleasant, SC, 29464), beginning Sunday, July 4.

Cambria Hotel Mount Pleasant has given the AJGA a special rate of $129 plus tax per night Sunday, July 4 – Thursday, July 8. The rate for Friday, July 9 is $199 plus tax per night. Average rates at this time are $205 and $265 plus tax, respectively. Reservations can be made by calling 843-849-9677, option 2 for the Front Desk and online. Click here to book as part of the AJGA Wyndham Cup- Parents Block. You must make reservations by Friday, June 25 as the AJGA room block will be open to the public after that date.

COMMITMENT LETTER: Each player and their parent or guardian will need to read and sign the Commitment Letter prior to playing in the tournament. Please sign, scan and e-mail it back to Andrew Greenfield at by Wednesday, June 30.

GROUND TRANSPORTATION: Team members will be provided with ground transportation throughout the Wyndham Cup. Due to COVID-19 protocol in place, family members will need to arrange their own transportation to and from Bulls Bay and the Cambria Hotel Mount Pleasant.

FAMILY IN ATTENDANCE: Immediate family members of players are welcome to attend Wyndham Cup at no cost. Due to COVID-19 protocol family members will need to socially distance from the players and staff upon arrival at the hotel July 4. There will be a separate area for parents and guests to eat meals at Bulls Bay.

CLOTHING: Players will receive team uniforms for Tuesday – Friday to be worn at Bulls Bay Golf Club courtesy of adidas. Team uniforms include belts. No event functions will require formal attire.

In addition, TaylorMade will provide players with gloves and choice of golf balls. Adidas will provide players with golf shoes, running shoes and socks.

PUSH CARTS: Push carts are permitted at Bulls Bay Golf Club. Players are encouraged to bring their own push carts as Bulls Bay Golf Club only has a limited supply.

PLAYERS REGISTRATION: Mandatory Players Registration will be at Bulls Bay Golf Club Monday, July 5. Wyndham Cup participants will receive their tournament gifts and uniforms at this time.

PRACTICE: Bulls Bay Golf Club will be open for practice rounds Monday, July 5. More information will be made available upon arrival. Players do NOT need to call Bulls Bay to arrange a practice round. TaylorMade practice balls will be available courtesy of TaylorMade Golf.

JUNIOR-AM: All 40 players will be expected to play in the Junior-Am Fundraising Tournament on Tuesday, July 6. The event will serve as the official practice round for all team members.

RULES MEETING: The AJGA staff will meet with both teams prior to the Welcome Dinner on Tuesday afternoon for a brief review of the Local Rules and Tournament Conditions.

LOCAL CONDITIONS: During the time you will be in Awendaw, South Carolina, the average high temperature is 88, and the average low is 73. Sunrise will be at 6:16 a.m., and sunset will be at 8:30 p.m.

TIME ZONE: Awendaw, South Carolina is in the Eastern Time Zone. Florida is the same time; Texas is one hour behind and Arizona and California are three hours behind.

LUGGAGE/GOLF BAGS: You will receive a PING golf bag on-site. If possible, we ask you to travel without a golf bag to Wyndham Cup to enable you to take your new golf bag home with you. If you need your old golf bag shipped back to you, the AJGA will assist in shipping, but it will be at the participant’s expense.

TOURNAMENT HEADQUARTERS: The AJGA staff and other officials with the event will set up a Headquarters for the tournament, which will be in the Bulls Bay Golf Club Clubhouse.

TAYLORMADE-ADIDAS GOLF LIVE SCORING: Visit the AJGA’s website on your computer or mobile device at for TaylorMade-adidas Golf Live Scoring throughout the Wyndham Cup.

AJGA CARES FOR THE COURSE: As part of the AJGA’s Code of Conduct policy players are required to fill their divots and ball marks on the golf course. Players will receive a small, lightweight sand bottle at the beginning of each event and should fill the bottles at the sand filling stations on each tee as necessary. The penalty for not following this policy is as follows:
· 1st & 2nd offense – Player receives a verbal warning
· 3rd & subsequent offenses – Player receives a one-stroke penalty

SCORECARDS: Players will be required to bring a smart phone or device with internet capabilities that supports the Golf Genius application (available on iOS or Android) to use for their official scorecard and live scoring during all AJGA events. Please make sure you have the most updated version of the app. Instructions on how to use the app can be found here and here. Each match will be provided with a GGID at the starting tee and one player in the match will enter scores after each hole. The player is responsible for providing their own device and ensuring it is fully charged for the round.

CODE OF CONDUCT: All AJGA participants are expected to abide by the AJGA Code of Conduct. Violations of the Code of Conduct will be dealt with based on the severity of the misconduct.

RANGEFINDERS: The AJGA allows the usage of distance-measuring devices in all AJGA competitions. If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device to gauge or MEASURE OTHER CONDITIONS that might affect his/her play (e.g., gradient, wind speed, temperature, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 4.3(1).

SPECTATOR GOLF CARTS: Golf carts and spectator carts are not allowed without a Government issued Blue Permanent Handicap placard. Please see the Tournament Director on-site to receive an approved cart.

EXPENSES: The AJGA will reimburse Wyndham Cup competitors for their expenses as follows:

Travel: The Wyndham Cup will reimburse players trip to and trip from the event based on the time zone of their place of origin prior to Wyndham Cup and destination following Wyndham Cup. For example, a player travels from Atlanta, GA to Wyndham Cup and travels from Wyndham Cup to Los Angeles, CA receives $450 ($175+$275). The travel stipend is posted on the Wyndham Cup webpage. Receipts must be submitted to Tournament Director Andrew Greenfield before reimbursement will be issued.
The reimbursement breakdowns are as follows:
· $175 – Traveling to/from Eastern Standard Time
· $200 – Traveling to/from Central Standard Time
· $225 – Traveling to/from Mountain Standard Time
· $275 – Traveling to/from Pacific Standard Time
· $325 – Traveling to/from Hawaii

Accommodations: The tournament committee will pay for the cost of rooms at the Cambria Hotel Mount Pleasant for players only Sunday, July 4 – Friday, July 9. Players will not be able to make any charges to the room.

Player Meals: All player meals while at the Wyndham Cup will be paid for courtesy of the tournament committee. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served at Bulls Bay Golf Club during the tournament rounds. Parents will be included in many of the meals during the event, but will have a separate eating area from the players.

Tournament Director Contact: Please feel free to contact Tournament Director Andrew Greenfield with any questions at 678-425-1702 or