AJGA Junior at Penn State
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AJGA Junior at Penn State

How Penn State's nickname, Happy Valley, turned into its identity

We asked juniors at the AJGA Junior at Penn State about the name and what it means to them
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Happy Valley is a name that was given to the region surrounding Penn State University in the 1930s. The area was coined "Happy Valley" because of the positive state of mind of the residents coupled with the scenic mountains and the awe it inspires in those who visit. We asked several juniors what "Happy Valley" really means to them.

Michael Lynch - AJGA Junior at Penn State - 2022.JPG

"To me, Happy Valley is a really cool place where everyone is very nice to each other and there is a great community. Those are two of the biggest reasons that I am going to college at Penn State. I think that it will be a good place to live for four years."
Michael Lynch of Dunmore, Pennsylvania

Dylan Ramsey of Lebanon, Pennsylvania
"I'm not really a Penn State fan, but I like the Happy Valley. When you are here, you see all the pretty mountains and it makes you relax. It makes you calmer and definitely happier."

Evan Jozwiak of Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania
"Happy Valley to me means having a great, supportive environment and an overall nice time at State College."

Elizabeth Beek of Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
"I really like the area and I feel like it's a very nice town. The people are all so friendly and they did a good job running the course at Penn State."

Mohit Sanagavarapu - AJGA Junior at Penn State - 2022.JPG

"My favorite thing about Happy Valley are the memories I have here. I have been playing tournaments here at Penn State Golf Course since I was 8 or 9 years old. I am grateful for the opportunity to come back and make more memories each and every year. Thank you to the AJGA for making that possible. Go Happy Valley!"
Mohit Sanagavarapu of Edison, New Jersey