UHY / Celadon Junior Championship hosted by Marina Alex
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UHY / Celadon Junior Championship hosted by Marina Alex

Solhaug and Kim win big in the Big Apple

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Girls Division Champion: Yoona Kim of Fair Lawn, NJ (four-over-par 217)

· Current Rolex AJGA Ranking: T171
· Second AJGA win
· Had eight birdies during the tournament
· Fifth top-five AJGA finishes
· “Having two wins on the AJGA tour is definitely a huge accomplishment, and I think that helps me for the future.”

Boys Division Champion: Gregory Solhaug of Bradenton, FL (even-par 213)

· Current Rolex AJGA Ranking: 119
· First AJGA win
· Had 10 birdies during the tournament
· Third top-five AJGA finish
· “This is my first AJGA win and it feels great to finally get it done.”

Top local Boys Division finishers:

Adam Xiao of Manhasset, NY (4-over-par 217)

· Current Rolex AJGA Ranking: 129
· National Letter of Intent to Harvard University
· Tied sixth overall
· Ninth top-ten AJGA finish
· Had twelve birdies during the tournament

Top local Girls Division finishers:

Bailey Shoemaker of West Edmeston, NY (15-over-par 228)

· Current Rolex AJGA Ranking: 93
· Tied fourth overall
· Fifth top-ten AJGA finish
· Had five birdies during the tournament

Tournament notes:

  • First year hosting the event at The Saint Andrew’s Golf Club
  • Juniors from 15 states and two countries
  • 22 Juniors from New York
  • Six Juniors have signed National Letters of Intent
  • 14 Juniors have made verbal commitments