AJGA Junior at Canebrake Club
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AJGA Junior at Canebrake Club

#CanebrakeJr chooses breast cancer foundation as beneficiary for second year

Tournament proceeds benefit Stacy Wolfe Breast Cancer Foundation
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Imagine a world in which doctor’s appointments and chemo treatments dictate your daily schedule. A world where attending a junior golf tournament and watching your son play is a gift. In 2019, Stacy Wolfe, mother of AJGA junior, Nolen Wolfe, heard the news that no person ever wants to hear, she has breast cancer.

We asked Stacy how she defines “Hope” during this difficult time:

“Hope is something that you wish for, or a desire that you have. But I think, in my life, hope has to have assurance and that comes from Jesus."
Stacy Wolfe

Stacy clung on to that definition of hope throughout the rest of her treatment. After surgery, twelve weeks of chemo treatments and 33 radiation treatments, Stacy was finally free of her cancer. However, in 2021 Stacy learned that her breast cancer had returned and metastasized to her lungs and bones. She began her treatments of chemo once again, but this time she had another mission in mind: to help strengthen others enduring the same hardships with cancer. Her desire to help others forged itself into the Stacy Wolfe Breast Cancer Foundation. The foundation helps encourage those battling cancer and supports those who have an immediate need.

Consequently, it is easy to see that the AJGA Junior at Canebrake is more than just a golf tournament. The tournament features the usual format of 54-holes of stroke play showcasing a 78 player field. More importantly, it is the first junior golf tournament with the Stacy Wolfe Breast Cancer Foundation as the charitable recipient.

Last year, the tournament raised $7,800 for the Stacy Wolfe Breast Cancer Foundation and expects to nearly triple that number this year. Stacy recalls the AJGA helping her start her foundation in 2021 as the beneficiary of the AJGA Junior at Canebrake Club.

“It was just a dream. But because of a dream that I had, someone supporting that dream, and the AJGA being a large part of that dream, it has made it what it is today. It just blows my mind. The people who are going to be touched and supported because of my foundation is incredible to think about."
Stacy Wolfe
Karin Gross, Stacy Wolfe, Dawn Mack, Regina Wood in tent-2022-Junior at Canebrake Club.JPG

The impact of the event really hits home for Stacy. Not only does her son, Nolen, play in the event, but her husband, Micky, is the General Manager at Canebrake Club. Micky spoke about the origins of the tournament and how it started as a great opportunity for the club to host a junior golf event on a national level. However, at the time, he was never expecting the tournament to change into something more.

"Being able to have the Stacy Wolfe Breast Cancer Foundation as the beneficiary is amazing. I have 200 members out here today volunteering, playing golf, and helping, and we can never repay that. We love it.”
Micky Wolfe
Dan Boshers, Tristin Wisener, Stacy Wolfe, Anthony Wallen and Ethan Wallen before JAM-2022-Junior at Canebrake.JPG

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