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Liberty National ACE Grant

Reimbursement Conditions & Guidelines

While the AJGA is very proud to provide this grant, there are specific rules that must be followed:

Events Covered & Reimbursement Levels

  • AJGA Events
    • Qualifier $1,000
    • Tournament $1,500
  • USGA Junior Amateur/Girls’ Junior, PGA Jr. Sectional, State Junior Championship [pre‐approved list]
    • Qualifier $350
    • Championship $1,000

In addition to the recipient’s total grant value, the AJGA has established specific reimbursement limits per event. These limits are designated to provide a cap on the maximum reimbursement allowed per event. Liberty National ACE Grant recipients should spend under the designated reimbursement limit. Recipients may exceed the designated reimbursement limit, but will not be reimbursed for expenses above that limit.

Reimbursement Guidelines

  1. All reimbursements receipts are to be done in the LIBERTY NATIONAL ACE GRANT CENTER.
  2. Do not do an invoice in Should you have difficulties, please email
  3. We will only accept itemized receipts; no credit card or bank card statements will be accepted.
  4. Submit separate reimbursements for QUALIFIER and TOURNAMENTS.
  5. To make reimbursement faster, separate Junior’s food/beverage expenses on a separate check. If not, indicate what is the Junior’s portion – it is at the committee's discretion for payment.
  6. Bring an envelope to the event to keep track of your expenses and reduce the chances of losing receipts.
  7. All reimbursement must be uploaded to the LIBERTY NATIONAL ACE GRANT CENTER no later than November 29, 2024.

Expenses Covered by the Liberty National ACE Grant

  • Costs incurred when traveling to and from an AJGA event. This may include gas, airfare/baggage fees (member only), airport transportation, rental cars, UBER or Lyft, and tolls. No mileage is covered.
  • Food and beverage costs (member only) incurred while traveling to and attending an AJGA event.
  • Housing costs incurred while traveling to and attending an AJGA event.
  • The AJGA membership fee ($190), will be reimbursed upon acceptance.
  • Tournament and Qualifier entry fees without exceeding the maximum Grant value.
  • One Practice Round for the Qualifier.
  • Gratuity up to 10 percent of the total on approved food and beverage expenses.
  • Cost incurred by ONE PARENT OR GUARDIAN to cover airfare in the amount up to, and not to exceed, $500 per AJGA Tournament. (Qualifiers, Junior Previews, All‐Star Series, Opens, Invitationals, and USGA Championships)
  • A $750 Equipment Reimbursement that is included in the maximum grant level. The requirement for the Equipment Reimbursement are as follows:
    • Player must participate in ONE AJGA EVENT in order to submit for an equipment reimbursement.
    • Receipt must be legible with the purchase date circled and players name written on receipt. Date must be within the current Grant year.

Expenses NOT covered by the Liberty National ACE Grant

  • The AJGA will not reimburse a receipt that includes costs incurred for people other than the member. If it is not clearly marked on the receipt which costs are for the member, the reimbursement amount will be at the discretion of the AJGA Liberty National ACE Grant Committee.
  • The AJGA will not reimburse a receipt that only shows the total amount charged; all receipts must be itemized. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • The AJGA will not reimburse for golf carts at the event.
  • The AJGA will not reimburse for yardage books.
  • The AJGA will not reimburse maintenance/repair costs for a vehicle used to travel to and/or from an event.
  • The AJGA will not reimburse hotel/travel costs incurred at an event reimbursed via travel stipend.
    • Please send your travel stipend to Debbie Keplin, not the Tournament Director.
  • The AJGA will not reimburse costs for alcoholic beverages.
  • For reimbursements, due to a withdrawal, refer to the AJGA Withdrawal policy.
  • The AJGA will not reimburse any expenses incurred while attending an event, including entry fees, when the member “no shows” or is disqualified under the AJGA's Code of Conduct.
  • The AJGA will not reimburse practice round fees when the AJGA offers a free practice round. One practice round is included with the Qualifier.
  • The AJGA will not reimburse any expenses where a credit card statement is submitted in place of an original receipt.

Please contact Debbie Keplin at the AJGA ( ) if you have any questions.

Last updated January 1, 2024.

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The Liberty National Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE) Grant provides financial assistance to young men and women who aspire to earn a college golf scholarship through competitive junior golf.