Playing in an AJGA Event

Learn what to expect when playing in an AJGA event.
AJGA Caila Roberts helping with registration - 2020 - Junior Golf Hub Championship presented by John D. Mineck Foundation.JPG
The AJGA is about more than just great golf tournaments. We believe in developing the next generation of junior golfers both on and off the course. Check out some of the things you can expect to find at an AJGA event.
Learn the ins and outs of an AJGA event and what to look for when you arrive onsite.
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Learn the basics of place of play and why it is important.
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The goal of this initiative is to ensure that a course is constantly cared for throughout all tournament rounds.
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In an effort to improve the awareness of golf’s next generation on the importance of proper nutrition and hydration the AJGA implemented Operation Hydration.
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The AJGA takes great pride in the quality of its players, host facilities and broad community involvement at each tournament.
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Parents and spectators are asked to adhere to the following conduct guidelines at risk of players being subject to penalty.
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Recruiting can be complicated. Our goal is to help every junior golfer have the opportunity to play #collegegolf.
Learn about specific rules of golf and how they apply at AJGA tournaments.
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