Performance Based Entry

Important Notes and Tips

  • Read all Performance Based Entry information carefully and thoroughly.
  • Ask questions! The AJGA is here to help you by phone at (877) 373-2542 toll free or (770) 868-4200 or by e-mail ( ).
  • Only AJGA members may apply to AJGA tournaments. Non-members may sign up for an ID number which will allow them to apply to AJGA Qualifiers on the AJGA website. The specific dates that each non-member Qualifier application will open can be found in the ‘Dates to Remember’ section on each corresponding tournament website. Please note, if a Qualifier field is full or has a sufficient alternate list, the application will not be available for non-members.
  • Members will start the 2024 season with all Performance Stars earned in 2023. For example, a player who earned twelve Performance Stars in 2023 will begin the 2024 season with twelve earned Performance Stars plus the membership Performance Stars given based on grad year during the 2024 season.
  • A player’s status will be calculated on a two-season cycle. In 2024, a player’s status will be calculated starting January 1, 2023. At the beginning of the 2024 season, all 2022 Performance Stars will expire and be dropped.
  • Plan your tournament schedule early to maximize playing opportunities and prevent missed deadlines.
  • Qualifiers are great opportunities for all players to earn Performance Stars and build their status.
  • If a non-AJGA event listed has multiple age divisions, AJGA Performance Stars will be earned in the oldest age division or the championship flight/bracket. If younger and older divisions play from the same yardage then overall results will be used for awarding Performance Based Entry. Some non-AJGA events do offer the opportunity to earn one or more Performance Stars for top finishes in younger age divisions. The PBE Schedule in the Performance Based Entry section of can be used to find details about PBE earnings in all junior events.
  • In the event of a tie for first place at a non-AJGA tournament, the winner of the playoff will be awarded PBE status designated for the Champion. If there is not a playoff, the AJGA will defer to each organization’s guidelines for determining a champion when awarding PBE status.
  • Players will only be rewarded for their best ranking in either the Golfweek / Sagarin Rankings or the Junior Golf Scoreboard rankings.
  • Performance Stars are not cumulative in match play events. Only final results are used to calculate number of Performance Stars or other status earned.
  • An AJGA Girls tournament field that has less than 12 girls start the tournament will be awarded PBE Status at the next lowest tournament series level. Tournament levels: Open-Easter, Open/Senior, Junior All-Star Series, AJGA Preview Series, AJGA Preview Series (Ages 12 - 15) - minimum recognition.
Learn the basics about Performance Based Entry to better understand how players are selected to participate in tournaments.
Earn your first Performance Star by joining or renewing your membership with the AJGA and build your status from there.
Earn Performance Stars based on their finishes in state, regional and national level junior tournaments as well as AJGA qualifiers and tournaments
Players with the highest earned status as of the application deadline will gain entry into the event.
Fully exempt players and those with the most Performance Stars are given the highest priority.
Open and Junior All-Star Series Tournaments have clearly defined tie-breaking procedures to fill the tournament fields.
Still unclear on Performance Based Entry? Read through these additional items for more insights into PBE.