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Performance Based Entry

Introduction & Overview

Performance Based Entry was introduced in 2003 as the means to determine AJGA tournament fields. This enables members to earn their way into AJGA tournaments based on performances at the national, regional and state levels.

The AJGA is committed to providing the best exposure for young men and women who aspire to earn college golf scholarships. The Performance Based Entry process will continue to ensure the strongest fields possible for AJGA events while also providing opportunities for anyone who has earned the right to compete at this level.


The entry process clearly defines and answers the question, "How do I gain entry into an AJGA tournament?". The player's performance will affect acceptance into a tournament. The expanded opportunities to gain entry into AJGA tournaments through success at the state and regional level help to promote the opportunity for deserving junior golfers to play in an AJGA tournament.


Through more than 30 years of research on junior golf tournaments, the AJGA has compiled a list of hundreds of tournaments included in Performance Based Entry (PBE). This includes national events, other junior tours, regional events as well as events on the state level.

The AJGA records information on all players (AJGA members and registered non-members) who play in a recognized event and meet the required finish in that event. AJGA members can view their status anytime in the AJGA Player Center on the AJGA website, ajga.org. Potential members and new members should contact the Player Services Department with questions regarding PBE status earned before becoming an AJGA member.

By competing in Performance Based Entry-recognized tournaments, players may increase their "status" with the AJGA. Players with a top finish at a premier national junior event will earn Fully Exempt Status which is the highest acceptance priority for entry into AJGA Open and Junior All-Star Series tournaments.

Disclaimer: The AJGA website, ajga.org, is the official source for information regarding Performance Based Entry and is subject to change. The AJGA is not responsible for information received or published from other sources.

Learn the basics about Performance Based Entry to better understand how players are selected to participate in tournaments.
Earn your first Performance Star by joining or renewing your membership with the AJGA and build your status from there.
Earn Performance Stars based on their finishes in state, regional and national level junior tournaments as well as AJGA qualifiers and tournaments
Players with the highest earned status as of the application deadline will gain entry into the event.
Fully exempt players and those with the most Performance Stars are given the highest priority.
Open and Junior All-Star Series Tournaments have clearly defined tie-breaking procedures to fill the tournament fields.
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