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Performance Based Entry

Step 3: Gaining Entry into AJGA Open or Junior All-Star Series Tournaments

AJGA members can view their Performance Based Entry status at any time by logging into the AJGA Player Center . When a player applies to an AJGA Open or Junior All-Star Series tournament, his/her name will appear on the “Applications Received” page for that respective tournament on ajga.org. The "Applications Received" page for a given event will sort all players who have applied by their status, with Fully Exempt players at the top of the list, followed by players with the most Performance Stars.

At the top of the “Applications Received” page is a chart which breaks down the projected field size and shows the expected number of spots to be filled with Performance Based Entry to help players and parents estimate where the acceptance cut for a tournament might fall. Players close to the acceptance cut line near the application deadline are encouraged to apply to another tournament that same week with a lower projected acceptance cut. There will be a $10 application fee for each additional application during that same week.

PBE status earned in events completed through Sunday prior to a particular AJGA Open or Junior All-Star Series tournament application deadline (Monday for AJGA events) will be considered when finalizing the corresponding tournament field. This status will be updated by the application deadline, provided that results of such events are available. Players with the highest-earned status as of the application deadline will gain entry into the event. Tournament fields, as well as the status required to gain entry, are posted on ajga.org the Friday following the application deadline.

Learn the basics about Performance Based Entry to better understand how players are selected to participate in tournaments.
Earn your first Performance Star by joining or renewing your membership with the AJGA and build your status from there.
Earn Performance Stars based on their finishes in state, regional and national level junior tournaments as well as AJGA qualifiers and tournaments
Players with the highest earned status as of the application deadline will gain entry into the event.
Fully exempt players and those with the most Performance Stars are given the highest priority.
Open and Junior All-Star Series Tournaments have clearly defined tie-breaking procedures to fill the tournament fields.
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